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© 2019 by Resilience Matters. We are a Jersey based charity (No. 010127 & Association of Jersey Charities No.456) dedicated to mainstreaming resilience. Our objective is to bring people from all walks of life and help them to take practical action to build resilience in themselves and their community. We have a unique opportunity to develop fundamental resilience skills in an engaging way that could help people live more fulfilled, engaged & resilient lives both at work and at home. This is why #resiliencematters.

Resilient Kids Start With Resilient Parents

Resilience is an essential skill for all parents and you can pass it on to your kids.

Life's constant pressure and chaos can get in the way of a happy family life. As parents, we often feel stressed and exhausted and it's easy to see why life often feels out of control.

Our kids face change every single day, whether it's their first day of school, a move to secondary school or exam pressures. We need to do more to prepare our kids for the future.

Resilience empowers parents to confidently manage the typical challenges and changes faced in family life.


The good news is that resilience is a skill you can learn and pass on to your kids and we can show you how.

The workshops are practical, informal and fun, especially when you join with your friends and family. You'll learn a toolkit of skills that will help you and your family become happier and more confident.

  • Manage stress & anxiety in yourself & others.

  • Focus on gaining more control & confidence.

  • Understand how to make tough decisions confidently & with a clearer head!

  • Handle difficult relationships & build trust.

  • Enjoy a new lease of energy to confidently deal with whatever life throws at you.


You will learn simples skills to:


Such a different approach. This stuff applies to work, study and everyday life. We need to teach this in our schools." 

Workshop with a focus on practical, no nonsense skills that you can use immediately.


FREE Skills Book.


FREE access to on-line Skills Academy for up to six months after the workshop so you can work at your own pace.


We promise to keep it real, no preaching and we'll never put you on the spot!

"Last week a friend of mine started the same course I had been on a year ago. Our conversation made me think about the changes it has made. Everything I do and say has been affected in a great way. I make choices to avoid certain outcomes and am more aware of those around me and their feelings. It's made me change how I use my day and a year on I'm still doing this. It is one of the best courses I have ever attended - Thank you! "

"Every parent should go on this because it's not about parenting. It teaches you how to deal with the stuff

that gets in the way of being a parent."