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© 2019 by Resilience Matters. We are a Jersey based charity (No. 010127 & Association of Jersey Charities No.456) dedicated to mainstreaming resilience. Our objective is to bring people from all walks of life and help them to take practical action to build resilience in themselves and their community. We have a unique opportunity to develop fundamental resilience skills in an engaging way that could help people live more fulfilled, engaged & resilient lives both at work and at home. This is why #resiliencematters.


Simple & effective

Our operating model is a simple one & it is this simplicity that enables us to create big opportunities for social change.


Since launching in 2015, we’ve maintained a consistently strong & diverse decision-making Committee who source the necessary key external training partners that enable us to fulfil our mission. This model of working keeps costs to a minimum by enabling us to only use training resource when needed & at a significantly reduced community rate. This means we have none of the typical financial overheads (e.g. trainer salaries) and all training venues are sourced & secured on a pro-bono basis. This operating model ensures all project funding goes directly towards the families & children we support.


The Committee are always open to establishing other working partnerships with other training providers & referral agencies focused on developing resilience in the community that align with the National Children’s Bureau’s Outcome Based Analysis framework