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© 2019 by Resilience Matters. We are a Jersey based charity (No. 010127 & Association of Jersey Charities No.456) dedicated to mainstreaming resilience. Our objective is to bring people from all walks of life and help them to take practical action to build resilience in themselves and their community. We have a unique opportunity to develop fundamental resilience skills in an engaging way that could help people live more fulfilled, engaged & resilient lives both at work and at home. This is why #resiliencematters.


Resilient Schools

As a charity we strongly believe that skill-based resilience should be taught in all schools in order to equip our young people with the skill-set, mindset & resources to build resilience & positive mental health at school, at home & in their studies. All in preparation for the 21st century work environment. 

So far we've been involved in part funding programmes that have helped 300 students & their parents & teachers across 2 local secondary schools in Jersey. 

Building resilience in our future generations

Students, parents & teachers

Highlights of impact and outcomes*


Increase in positive student behaviour


Decrease in stress across students, parents & teachers.


Of teachers reported increased levels of engagement 


Reduction in student  anxiety levels.


Of students & parents reported increases in their mental, emotional & social  skills.


Of teachers reported a better ability to manage their thinking


Reduction in anxiety across parents & teachers.


Of students, parents & teachers noticed a positive changes in both the students & their approach to study.

*comprehensive case studies available on request

What people said about the programme:

               A diverse set of students were chosen for the                          programme facing a range of challenges from high anxiety, poor motivation and attitude to learning through to low levels of confidence and self-esteem. Introducing a common language into the school environment helped students discuss and manage their current challenges, their relationships and mental health without feeling vulnerable. Whilst finding ways to resolve issues at home and in the school setting.”


Assistant Head Teacher & project lead, Haute Vallee school

              The programme was a revelation to me and               I’m a huge advocate. The evidence-based skills were fantastic in increasing my self-awareness and enabling me to work at my best. Before the programme I was guilty of mind reading, jumping to conclusions and not dropping the peanut! Resulting in some powerful insights and understanding on how the strategies can be used together with students to adapt their own behaviours in a more productive and positive way. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone.”


Haute Vallee teacher

              I have started to see my stress levels going down                     from day one.

Haute Vallee student

              This course takes the relationships within               the school to another level, giving students, parents and teachers the chance to work together. Parents started to comment on how their conversations with their sons became more positive and the common language enabled us to tackle difficult situations in a more constructive way. In my 30 years in Education, this unique programme is the only one I believe to have meaningful and measurable outcomes that demonstrate impact both in terms of mental health and preparing students for the 21st century work environment.  

Inclusion Co-ordinator, Victoria College 

                       It is clear there are opportunities and                       outcomes that would not only enable us as a community to tackle mental health issues but also create confidence and challenge in a world that is constantly changing. It provides a toolkit for life and could be a game changer for how we support younger generations into the future. 

Minister for Education, States of Jersey 








               Made me realise what I am good at and how I can                use it to my advantage.

Victoria College student

What employers say about the programme:

               Firstly, in interview it would be clear that the                            personal attributes gained from this programme would provide an advantage for candidates. If successful and once in position, the main benefits would be the increased ability to multi-task without stressing and an approach that appreciates how to work with own and team members' strengths. 

Head of Operations, Jersey Fire & Rescue

               The programme is critical for young candidates to                    settle down and create the right platform and attitude to progress in the workplace. School leavers would benefit from this industry relevant training as it would enable them to make much quicker transitions into the workplace; more prepared and adaptable with the pace of change within corporate organisations. 

HR Partner, Global Canadian Bank

               As school leaver who has been on this programme                  would have the benefit of enhanced levels of self-awareness. The work environment is very different to school and there will be some aspects that school leavers find easier to adjust to than others. Improved self-awareness should make that transition easier to navigate. School leavers will gain a practical toolkit that will help them integrate and contribute quicker with less frustrations and the skills will give them confidence to overcome the challenges they may face. 

HR Director, UBS 

                A resilience-trained school leaver would be more                     likely to have the skills necessary to deal with the more pressured situations that arise when working with children and families. They will also be able to share their resilience skills with parents and children through their actions and words and gain a better level of understanding and practice around communication, how to work well with others and how to respond appropriately to pressured situations.

Executive Director, Jersey Child Care Trust