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© 2019 by Resilience Matters. We are a Jersey based charity (No. 010127 & Association of Jersey Charities No.456) dedicated to mainstreaming resilience. Our objective is to bring people from all walks of life and help them to take practical action to build resilience in themselves and their community. We have a unique opportunity to develop fundamental resilience skills in an engaging way that could help people live more fulfilled, engaged & resilient lives both at work and at home. This is why #resiliencematters.


Resilient Parents

The charity creates a support network of empowered and resilient parents from all walks of life. All learning and using actionable and transferable skills to help themselves and their families to reduce stress and anxiety, improve relationships and increase confidence and self-esteem.

Don't just take our word for it! 
Immediate impact

342 parents reporting increases in:

The ability to deal with pressure & stress of life.


The ability to improve relationships & resolve conflict much easier.


Feeling more confident & in control


The ability to manage my own and my family's mental & emotional health.


The ability to more confidently manage my thinking in stressful & challenging times.


3yrs on and it is still making a difference

The ability to deal with pressure & stress of life.


Enable me to feel more hopeful for the future.


Help me confidently manage my thinking in stressful & challenging times.



Help me manage my family's mental & emotional health together.

Help me worry less & focus on things I can control.



Continuing to use the skills.

Help me to improve my relationships & resolve conflict much easier.


Help me manage my emotion,physical & mental health.


What parents say about the programme:

               Before the programme I was always anxious and                    overwhelmed. It's so unique because it gave me the skills to not only use for myself but to pass on to my children too. Parent support can have a stigma arched to it and this just isn't the case with this. I've met new friends, learnt some new skills and these guys have changed my life.”



               I have never attended such an engaging,                              stimulating, thought provoking course.”



               I just wanted to write to say thank you. Last October                I went on a Resilience course. I have spent the last 3 1/2 years being a full time parent and the course has really helped through my day to day life like you wouldn't believe. I practise things every day. 
 Well, at the beginning of the month I had my first job interview. (I'd only ever had one interview before, and that was 11years ago!)
 After using my skills, and even mentioning that I had attended your course and providing how I practise my skills I was invited back for a second interview. They were saying how important Resilience is, and seemed very impressed. I'm happy to say I got the job. And I 100% believe it's because of yourselves. So thank you Resilience Matters for the work you do! You have honestly changed my life, the way I think and deal with situations. And I am so glad you are making yourselves known to schools! The earlier people can learn the better, and I so hope my son will also learn from yourselves (although I try to spread the knowledge too!).”



Workshops that fit in with your life to change your life!