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© 2019 by Resilience Matters. We are a Jersey based charity (No. 010127 & Association of Jersey Charities No.456) dedicated to mainstreaming resilience. Our objective is to bring people from all walks of life and help them to take practical action to build resilience in themselves and their community. We have a unique opportunity to develop fundamental resilience skills in an engaging way that could help people live more fulfilled, engaged & resilient lives both at work and at home. This is why #resiliencematters.

'To give people the power and skills to strengthen their own mental health and create positive behavioural change in their school, family and the wider community'.

Programmes packed with practical & evidence-based skills 

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Explore this website to get a feel for what the programmes mean to you & the difference it could make. Read more to understand about our approach & the measurable impact

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Hundreds of people have joined our programmes so far. We teach a toolkit of no nonsense, practical skills that fit easily into busy lives. The skills are transferable so everyone benefits whether you are a school or a family

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Using your new skills is easy & you'll start to see an immediate difference as you become less stressed, more confident & more focused. It won't be just you that sees the difference but everyone around you too

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Never look back. You've changed! You're more in control, enjoy happier and more trusting relationships & feel confident to deal with absolutely anything life throws at you. Now that sounds good doesn't it?


Resilience Matters is a not-for-profit organisation that commissions evidence-based programmes that provide parents, carers & young people with the vital opportunities to better manage their mental health & unlock their potential.
 The projects we fund directly create a social & emotional support network of empowered & resilient families from all walks of life. All learning & using simple, actionable & transferable skills that are proven to reduce stress & anxiety, recover from setbacks, improve relationships & increase confidence & self-esteem. This is resilience in action.





This equates to over 2% of the local parenting population whose families now share a new set of skills & common language in which to better manage their mental health & resilience. 

2 Local





To date we have supported over 400 students, & the parents & teachers who provide the support network around them. 


What people say about the programme:

            Having had the opportunity to meet students and teachers             who have participated in the resilience programme, it is clear there are opportunities and outcomes that would not only enable us as a community to tackle mental health issues but also create confidence and challenge in a world that is constantly changing. It provides a toolkit for life and could be a game changer for how we support younger generations into the future.” 


Tracey Vallois, Minister for Education, Government of Jersey

              I used to worry a lot and this would lead to me                         having time off school. I really don’t think I would have coped with the stress of GCSE’s without this programme. It helped me with my worrying and lack of self belief.”


Year 10 student

            Our Young Resilient Leaders wear their badges with pride                 knowing they’ve achieved something special. One particular student on the programme has a turbulent life and was facing an incredibly difficult time. However, after the programme they flourished and became a support for peers, demonstrating incredible resilience. I have no doubt the programme has had a huge impact on the students, indeed several students have told me.”



Haute Vallee teacher

            The amazing thing about the course is it brings together               students, teachers and parents all under the same course and really from our perspective in terms of helping pupils, the ability for staff and parents to really understand the challenges that pupils are facing.” 


Victoria College, Head of 6th Form (ITV news)

              I didn’t think I would learn anything from this                               course - What could you teach me? - But I have enjoyed it & learnt lots of really useful stuff … thank you.”


Parent, Dr. David Lawrenson, Consultant Paediatrician

               I feel fortunate to have been given the                                     opportunity to attend this programme and know that it will have huge benefits for my mental health as a teacher which in turn will have a positive impact on my performance and the students I teach.” 


Victoria College teacher

       Today I’ve had two different tests which can be stressful            but as long as you’re surrounded by the right people and good teachers then it’s easier to cope with, especially with our resilience course it really does help in coping with different pressures of school so it’s good.” 


Victoria College student  (ITV news)


             I was pleased with my sporting performance but                          after being on the programme I knew that instead of aiming to qualify for the Island Games, I believed I could make the GB Olympic squad. I now train with the top performers all over the world and am being coached as a future Olympian. Not only this, I taught my family some of the skills too.”  


Haute Vallee student

               Our School is not just about showing pupils how                      to get good grades. As educators we have a duty to guide them through their formative years, as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the real world. This unique and innovative course, based on building resilient students, parents and schools, has helped bring about better learning, emotional stability, stronger relationships and personal success for our students. Above all, it has introduced them to a common language and a means of communication that has enabled our boys, our staff and parents to better understand their own wellbeing and to cope with the pressures and stresses of the everyday demands in their busy lives.”


Victoria College Headmaster

      My son uses the common language and knows how to           express himself in a way that I too understand.



     Makes my mental health feel better knowing I can relax          and feel safe.

Victoria College student